Playing Trumped Up Cards: The World’s Biggest Deck

September 14, 2016 •

Playing Trumped Up Cards: The World’s Biggest Deck

Inspired by The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, we decided that satire that reveals the absurdity of our current situation is the only fitting response to these times.

Thus was born Trumped Up Cards: The World’s Biggest Deck, a multi-player card game where players need really big hands to win.

Initially, we made Trumped Up Cards for friends, family, and anyone else who seemed like they had a healthy sense of humor and happened to be in the vicinity when we were giving them out as gifts.

The response was encouraging. Whether the recipients were Democrats, Republicans, independent iconoclasts, semi-indifferent middlecrats, change-the-world techno-utopians, or apolitical entrepreneurs, they said how much they enjoyed playing the game and that we ought to make it more widely available.

As a result, this public version now exists. At, the World’s Biggest Deck is now for sale for only $20.16. Act quickly, because after the election is over and a new year begins, we’re raising the price to $20.17!

Any profits will go to charities that are already working to keep America great.

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A 26-year-old Marine Corps Vet has a plan to liberate Trump’s tax returns. Let’s help him succeed!

September 12, 2016 •

In 2012, Donald Trump called President Obama “the least transparent president in the history of this country.”

Then he offered to donate $5 million to charity if President Obama would release “his college records and applications” and his “passport applications and records.”

Now, in 2016, Trump is facing a similar challenge from a 26-year-old Marine Corps veteran named Pete Kiernan. […]

Given Trump’s vocal support of veterans, I imagine he will recognize the great good that can come from Kiernan’s proposal.

But taking Trump’s own 2012 offer to President Obama into account, I’d like to assist Kiernan in his campaign. If Kiernan’s campaign hits or exceeds its target, I will match the total amount he reaches with a 5x contribution, up to $5 million.

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Create a society where women get equal justice

September 2, 2016 •

Recall Judge Aaron Persky:

For casually assaulting a passed-out woman he’d crossed paths with at a party, [former Stanford student Brock] Turner spent 92 days in jail.

This woefully unjust sentence sends a powerful message about how our culture systematically discounts and excuses sexual violence against women. To counteract that message, we must send equally powerful messages that signal our demand for reform.

That’s why I’m supporting a campaign on to recall Judge Aaron Persky and donating $25,000 to this cause.

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Extra Sensory Production

August 19, 2016 •

The Seventh Sense will help you develop a feel for the Networked Age

As Joshua Cooper Ramo suggests in his important new book, The Seventh Sense, massively scaled, always-on connection changes the nature of objects and institutions. A heart-rate monitor that shares information with a million other heart-rate monitors functions differently than one that operates in standalone fashion. The same is true for automobiles, spare bedrooms, and the individuals who make up a TV audience or a country. The Networked Age doesn’t just amplify or accelerate existing instances of knowledge transfer, economic exchange, and political action. It enables entirely new possibilities and behaviors.

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Obstructionism is terrible governance

July 1, 2016 •

Obstructionism is terrible governance

As an entrepreneur and investor, I prioritize construction and collaboration. Whether it’s a five-person start-up or a global giant, the companies that are most productive are the ones whose employees operate with a shared sense of purpose and a clear set of policies for responding to changing conditions and new opportunities.

That’s why I’m so appalled by what’s happening in the Senate this year, and how starkly it illustrates the differences between Silicon Valley and Washington, DC.

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